2010 Davis Cup

Leading out the Irish Davis Cup Team

I had the great privilege of ballgirling for the Davis Cup tie between Ireland and Turkey. The ballkids were all managed by Susan McRann and her sister Gemma.


Then came the three big days. On Friday, first there was the opening ceremony where I had the great privilege of holding the Irish flag and leading out the Irish team behind me; Sean Sorensen (non-playing captain), Louk Sorensen, Conor Niland, James McGee, Barry King and Colin O’Brien. My brother Sam got to carry out the Turkish flag and lead out the Turkish Team.


The first match was James McGee (as Louk was injured) playing the Turkish No. 2, Haluk Akkoyun. He won 6-2 6-2 6-4. He was very happy as he normally never plays singles and he wasn’t expected to win the match.

Then Conor Niland played the Turkish No. 1, Marsel Ilhan and won 6-3 6-2 6-1. He played amazing tennis and moved so fast around the court.


On Saturday, James McGee and Barry King played the doubles against Haluk and Marsel. Everybody was very proud of them as they won their match and that meant that we had won the tie. They won it 6-3 6-1 6-3.

On the last day (Sunday) the stands weren’t as full as we had already won. However, the Irish team didn’t let us down as Barry (playing instead of Conor) won his match against the Turkish No. 2 Haluk Akkoyun 7-5 3-6 6-2 (the matches on Sunday were only three sets as the result was already final). James lost his match against the Turkish No. 1 Marsel Ilham 2-6 4-6 but he did very well considering Marsel is No. 121 in the ATP rankings and James is only in the 400’s.


I enjoyed the whole weekend and to my surprise I got to ballgirl for every match apart from Barry’s singles as I had to come to Stephen’s coaching on Sunday!!!