Supporting the Floodlight League Teams


On Monday 17th January, I went to Mount Pleasant Tennis Club to support the Men’s Class 2 Floodlight League Final. I had already been to the quarter final and semi final so I knew the tennis was going to be really good.

When I got to Mount Pleasant the place was packed. There were lots of students supporting the Trinity team but there were loads of supporters from Monkstown LTC. I could see Monkstown LTC hoodies everywhere. It was great. Jack Gannon bought me a tin of pringles and we sat on the bench behind the 3 courts and watched the tennis. The matches were brilliant, Alan, Mickey-Mac, Stephen & Scott played amazing tennis. They won 2-1 and everyone was cheering and taking photos – there was a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed being a supporter.


On Tuesday 18th January, I went to Sandycove Tennis Club to support the Ladies Class 2 Floodlight League Final. The balcony was full of Monkstown LTC supporters and I could hardly find a space. I squeezed into a corner and watched the three matches. Caroline, Adrienne, Lisa and Jennifer played great tennis. I really liked Lisa’s two handed forehand. Unfortunately Amy was sick and couldn’t play in the final. The team lost 2-1 but it was great to reach the final. C’mon Monkstown LTC!