The New York Marathon – Running for GOAL

‘Congratulations to our own Philip Byrne who ran the New York City Marathon on 1st November in the brilliant time of 3 hours 41 minutes. What a performance! To make it even more brilliant was that in the process he raised €7,197 for GOAL – a truly remarkable total! GOAL is deeply appreciative that Philip selected them as his chosen charity’  Judy


My Mom, Dad and I went to New York on Thursday the 29th of October. My Dad was going to run the Marathon on the 1st of November. This was my first time in New York and I was very excited.

Before the race I did lots of fun things, ice-skating in Central Park, going up the Empire State Building, seeing a show in Broadway and of course the most crucial thing, The Abercrombie and Fitch Shop on 5th Avenue!

On the day of the Marathon my Dad had to get up really early to get the bus to the beginning of the race in Staten Island. It was a freezing cold morning!

After Mom and I had breakfast we took the Subway to East 110th Street which was at the 18th mile mark. Mom and I stood freezing on the side of the street holding a huge GOAL banner and I was wearing a GOAL t-shirt. We also had two Irish flags so Dad and other Irish runners would recognise us.


After a while we saw Paula Radcliff and the other elite athletes fly past us. Paula was leading until the last two miles when she fell behind and sadly finished 4th.

A good while later Dad finally turned up at the 18th mile and we were surprised to see him looking fresh! He gave us a quick sweaty hug and carried on! We then rushed over to Central Park to try and see him at the 23rd mile mark. Despite waving our flags and attracting every other Irish runner we missed Dad [he missed us]!!!! We were very disappointed! To make matters worse we got lost on the subway trying to get to the finish! Mom was having a breakdown and I was the one trying to figure out the map! That also didn’t go too well!

Eventually three hours later we got to the finish but no sign of Dad! We thought perhaps he had not finished yet but a short while later we got a phone call from dad who was back in the warm hotel asking where we were!

We made our way back to the hotel sore and cold to meet Dad in the room who finished the race with a fantastic time of 3:41! Mom and I said to Dad that it is easier to run the race rather than try to follow it around New York! Dad didn’t seem to agree!