2010 Parent & Child Tournament

I would like to thank you all for attending and participating in this year’s Parent and Child Tournament, there was a big turnout of people, both young and old.


Well the day started out looking a little dodgy, the clouds were on the gray side and as we have not had the best summer so far, it looked like the clouds were brewing something bad. So spent the morning with my fingers crossed that it would not start raining until everyone had arrived, were greeted and out on court. There is the rule that if you are out there – there is no wimping out – I know you kids would have no problem I was more worried about the olds! Cruel but true! The only thing that stops the Parent & Child Tournament is lightening. Oh I forgot… if no-one signs up for it there can be no tournament, no fear of that – to have a day when you are the boss, who would pass that up! Anyway I digress….

The luck was with us, the rain stayed off (there was a little tipple of rain at around 2.15- 2.30) and out everyone went with Gusto. So the tennis went on. As always it’s hard to judge how many points to play. One year we will get it right, the brain ache of changing half way needs a mathematical genius to work it out, which some of you seem to be! As always, some of the matches were so well fought we ended up having to change the number of points to play for!


We had the pleasure of watching the younger tennis players of Monkstown LTC play some close points/ give the look of “Mother/Father you messed up”. What I saw and the score sheets reflect this – in all the groups the matches were close- lots of 8/9’s 7/8’s – it was great to see you giving your all for each game you played. The fair play was immense, there was only 1 or 2 yellow cards issued and that was to the older group’s older people who should know better! Have you not learned we run a tight ship here people!

A few memorable points, were the Neil Stokes backhand slice volley that won a crucial point and the Julie Ryan run around point. She moved Scott Baron from side to side many times, before Scott put one down the line and do you know I cannot remember the result, I actually think Julie won the point! Scott was run ragged during the day with 2 of his boys playing in two different sections, but with the coordinating skills of Mr. A. O’Mahony he managed to play most of his matches.

The fair play awards went to (I owe a kinder egg to two of you, so easily distracted!)

Courts 4 & 5 – Scott Baron

Courts 1 & 6 – Joe Gallagher

Courts 2 & 3 – Gerry Byrne

I need to thank a lot of people; Olivia Crossan for keeping me honest on the scores for the group I was minding, her Mum Anne Crossan who is just the best – I could go on, but there are not enough superlatives (look it up people) to describe her!! Also a huge thanks to Jennifer Byrne, Veronica Cullen, Carol Kelly, Aoife Stokes, Adrienne Cusack, Karen MacKenna (our fine lady Captain, I think we wore her out by the end of the day) Kevin Polley and Alan O’Mahony. I know I have forgotten someone or two, so please forgive me and accept my thanks, you know who you are…


The level of tennis in all groups really bodes well for our club; it is great to see our young players growing not only in stature but in confidence and skill on the court. It is such a cool thing to be part of this club! And to add to it all, we raised €330 for the Tennis for GOAL fund Well done to all of you!

I have been involved with this tournament for a number of years and I have to say I remember some of the players when they were younger, it is cool to see how they have moved on to become wily players with shots to die for and their love of the game shows both on the court and the friendships and fun they have off court too! It truly is the BEST CLUB! If only I had started playing at age 4.


So finally a big thank you to all who participated and for the entertainment, I hope you enjoyed the day and that you continue to enjoy the game!

Anne Tweedy