2012 Stars & Stripes U12 Spring Tournament – Semi Final

MonkstownLTC v Sandycove

Monkstown Make the Final

It was a fine evening in Monkstown LTC as we took on our old rivals Sandycove in the semi final of the U12 competition.  The boys were on at 5.30 and after evicting Stephen and the Mullingar visitors from courts 4 5 and 6 they at least had the decency to win their match!!!  The No1 pair of Alex Boyne and Harry Shaw once again were the stars for Monkstown LTC winning their game 10-3.  The closest match of the night was the No 2 game where Mark Foster and Ben McCarthy originally looked to be in trouble but then pulled back very well to level the game.  They were just beaten in the end 7-6 but a great display. The No 3 boys had struggled in some of the earlier matches but proved themselves to be the big game pair with a fantastic 9-4 win. Oliver McGannon and Conor Duddy were our pairing this time out so very well done to them.

Then it was the girls turn and the tennis dresses were out in style!!  Match of the night had to be the No 1 game where Emma Walsh and Sarah McAuley played really great tennis but went down 8-5 to a strong Sandycove pair.  No 2s Lucy Coulter Smith and Anna Foster (twin of Mark) then levelled it for Monkstown LTC winning their game also 8-5 so all down to the last pair.  It was the most entertaining game of the night –incidentally the Monkstown LTC duo of Julie Ringrose and Rosie McFadyen won it 9-4, but the entertainment came from how they dealt with the scoreboard which we had asked them to keep updated.  It was all going well up to 7 games but there was consternation when it got to 8!  There was an initial consultation between the 4 girls, then an interruption to the No 2 game to get further advice and finally a 1 was stuck up – rather precariously – on top of the 7.  We were not quite sure what to expect after the next game but clearly this had been thought out in advance and a 6 was turned upside down to get 9!!!  Full marks for creativity and effort and a joy to watch, as all four girls clearly had a great time.

One friendly game was played – after much logistical haggling (!!) – and Claire Doyle represented the girls well against the 3 boys.

So the final result was a 47-31 win for Monkstown LTC who will contest the final on Saturday – venue to be advised.

Catherine Keane