Conor Niland @ Wimbledon


We went to Wimbledon this year for two days – we had tickets for Monday and we met Julie Ryan and her mum.


Then we heard that Conor Niland was playing on Tuesday afternoon – the first Irish man to qualify for Wimbledon in almost 30 years – so we just had to get there to see it. We queued for 4 hours to get in and we were numbers 7,787 and 7,788 in the queue – 8,000 get in so we just made it!!!

 Niland_Serve manerismo

He played really well and won the first set.  Then the French guy won the next two and we thought it was all over.  Conor fought back really well in the 4th and won it to make it 2 all.  Then he went 4-1 up in the 5th and we all got really excited and started singing ‘The Fields of Athenry’.  I think our singing must have put him off because the French guy caught up and went on to win the match.  It was definitely the match with the best atmosphere – people were coming out of the big courts onto the balconies to see what was going on. Stephen and Mickey Mac were there too – I think they thought they were at a football match!!!

 Game_End  Game_Score

To make it just a really great day, my mum met some friends from Derry who had tickets for the centre court and they let us in to see Roger Federer – and he won that day!!

David K