Winter Boxes


  1. Each match consists of 12 games plus a tie break.
  2. All 13 games should be played (12 plus the tie break).
  3. A point is awarded for each game won including the tie break so the scores will always add to 13.  So it could be 7-6 or 10-3 or 9-4 etc.
  4. The tie break is the first to 7 points winning by 2.
  5. Children are encouraged to contact each other to set up matches – which can be played at any time between Christmas and Easter subject to court availability.  An adult co-ordinator has been assigned to each box to help out and make sure that matches are being arranged.
  6. These matches are not ladder matches – they are just for fun and to encourage people to play more games.
  7. When the match has been played, please put your scores in the box – ask an adult if you are not sure how to fill it in correctly.
  8. More boxes will be added if there is demand. Please contact Catherine Keane on 086 2337940.

 Enjoy the games!!!

The sign up sheet for the Winter Boxes is on the notice board.

The Winter Boxes are to be played between Christmas and Easter.