MLTC Clubnight update July 2016

The idea of clubnight is that a social, weekly, occasion is available for club members to get a good game of tennis and meet and play with other people from the club. The tennis varies in standard but the emphasis is always on having an enjoyable evening.

Thursday nights are devoted to clubnight every week except during the handicaps and championships. Everyone who turns up will be guaranteed a game of tennis.

The clubnight is going strong so far in 2016. Numbers have averaged between twelve and sixteen players each night and that has included a sizeable number of new members and, of course, plenty of regulars. There have been a couple of Pizza nights and a monthly competitions.

The Pizza Nights are occasional nights when a theme or idea is suggested by a member and we have a bit of fun with it.

The competition nights are held on the first Thursday of every month and individuals build up their scores and the highest scorer wins a choice of red or white wine and the runner up gets what’s left. The prizes will change eventually and all suggestions are welcome.

The scores are accumulated from month to month and there will be an annual, overall prize at the end of the calendar year. There is still time to get on the leaderboard so make sure you get down to the next competition night.

This is the top of the leaderboard after the July Competition Night,

Assem Gupta 91
Jonathan Goodbody 72
Robert Sheehan 63
Marie Nelson 56
Joe Gallagher 49
Vera Sheehan 47
Aoife Fay 45
Geoff Lovegrove 43
Rob McCullagh 41
Craig Olliver 37
Yvonne Handy 36
Terry O’Rourke 34

It goes without saying that clubnight is open to everyone. It does not matter what your standard of tennis is. There is an informal group organising the clubnight and we would welcome anyone else who would like to join the group and, also, any suggestions for different ideas to add to the variety and fun of the night.

The most urgent need at the moment is the rota for organising the night. This is a straightforward job but very important. We need to have a list like Judy’s rota for locking up. The list sheet  is on the club house notice board so put your name down now to avoid the rush!! Or talk to one of the following organising group;

Yvonne Handy, Vera Sheehan, Jonathan Goodbody, Rob McCullagh or Joe Gallagher.