News& Events 13th May 2016

Congratulations to the 2 Ladies Morning Charity League teams who’ve reached the  Finals of the League! They both won very exciting matches to reach this stage!

The Monday’s Team final is on Monday  16th  May  v  Shankill  in  Brookfield Tennis  Club  @  10am.

The Tuesday’s Teams final on on Tuesday  17th May  v  Greystones  in  Greystones  Tennis  Club  @  10am

Very best of luck to you both.        Supporters welcome!

Lets hope the Summer League teams achieve the same success!….Both the Men & Ladies teams have now played a match…..with mixed results – early days yet!

The 5 Mile League for the Ladies starts this Sunday @ 7pm…good luck Ladies…not easy to get on a Ladies team these days there’s so much going on!  


A couple of dates for your Summer Diary!….

                      Stephen’s  Tennis / Fun  Camps.

Camp  1    13th  –  17th  June    (all  ages) 

Camp  2    27th June – 1st July  6 – 10  year olds …..  3pm  –  5pm

Camp  3    11th July  –  15th  July    (all ages)

Camp 4    25th July  –  29th  July    (all ages)

Camp  5  2nd  August – 5th  August  (4days  /  all ages)

Camp  6    8th August  –  12th  August  (all ages)

                    Adrienne’s  Tennis / Fun  Camp

Camp  7    22nd  August – 26th  August  

Timetable for Camps:  5, 6 & 7 year olds    10am –  12noon

                                8, 9 & 10 year olds    12noon  –  2pm

                                11, 12, & 13 year olds  3pm  –  5 pm

Cost per Camp  E 75   (E 60  for 4 day camp)


Junior Handicap event:  Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July

Junior Championships:    Monday 18th July – Sunday 24th July I’ll remind you all when the sign up sheets go up for the camps.

Parent & Child Tournament : Bank Holiday Monday  6th  June.

Hasn’t the gardening committee done an amazing job with their planting…looking out through the sunshine today we have to have the nicest (& most successful!) club in the country….The guys are also here today doing a maintenance job on all the courts so they’ll be playing better than ever!….a realy big “Thank You to Trish, Joan (Q)  & Marie (D) for your green fingers!

Welcome back Mickymac from the World team Championships played in Umag, Croatia! Having been drawn in a very tough group that included the USA  & France Ireland lost out but went on to play in a  group that included Canada, South Africa & Portugal……Ireland had wins over Canada & Portugal (with Mickymac winning both his doubles matches!) –  well done Mickymac. Ireland finished in 17th place. Next year’s championships will be held in Cape Town South Africa.

Enjoy the sunshine!