News & Events 20th September 2018

Last Sunday was a pretty successful day for our Senior League teams, five out of seven of our Ladies teams won and with two out of three3 Men’s teams winning (the 4th team had a bye) A good position to be in for the teams with two matches left to play. Men’s morning will again be shortened this Sunday with two2 matches scheduled for 11am.
Ladies Morning was badly affected by Storm “Ali” yesterday – although a few brave souls stayed and had a game! The teams are on the board for the Autumn Charity league, just waiting for the fixture list to arrive.

Juniors: Good to see so many Juniors doing coaching, it augers well for the future. The Stars & Stripes Boys/Girls U/12 league is well underway, they are top of their section with one match to go before the Playoffs. There’s always strong interest in this league with the result a large panel of players get a chance to play. Thanks to Lisa Blake for looking after the Boys and Ruth Marchand who takes care of the Girls. The DLTC Junior League starts this week end. We have one Boys U/14 and one Girls U/14 team entered. Thanks to Anne Considine for taking charge of the Boys and Roisin Schwer/Mary Kenny for the Girls.