The Club

Monkstown Lawn Tennis Club  is a friendly, family based tennis club – many people have contributed their energy and time over the years to develop the Club and its facilities into the “little bit of heaven” we enjoy today. Well done to all involved, it has always been a real labour of love and everyone’s efforts are very much appreciated.

You can read about the origins of Monkstown Lawn Tennis Club at the end of this page below the lovely pen and ink drawing of the clubhouse by Denis Cogan.

Monkstown LTC has an anti-discrimination policy which may be viewed by clicking MLTC MLTC Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy (2)

The updated MLTC Constitution was passed at a Special General Meeting in May 2012.  To view it click on these links:   Monkstown Rules May 2012 part 1 Monkstown Rules May 2012 part 2



Administration Officer: Judy O’Shea

Judy O’Shea is the Administrator for the Club   If you need any assistance in relation to Monkstown LTC, please do not hesitate to contact her at

Monkstown LTC Membership Details:

Family €630  
Senior €330  
Junior €200  
Student €200  

If you would like an application form, please contact Judy O’Shea (Club Administrator) at the above email address or at the Club 2842582.

Club Coach: Stephen O’Shea

Mobile:  086 8391472

Stephen O’Shea is Monkstown LTC’s Club Coach.  He is a wonderful attribute to the Club, both in his professional approach to the game, his generosity of spirit and his sheer dedication to the sport.    Please contact Stephen in relation to any Coaching requirements you may have.  Stephen is equally well supported by a team of six Level I Coaches, all Members of Monkstown LTC.  For details of the other coaches please click here


Our Sub-Committees:

The Executive Committee are grateful to all the other Committees whose support is vital to the running of the Club.  These include the Tennis Committees, Junior Committees, Social Committees, Grounds teams, Lock-up Duty volunteers and all who organise the Men’s Morning, Ladies’ Morning and Club Night on a voluntary basis – well done to everyone, your efforts are what make the Club so special to us all.

Clubhouse drawing by Denis Cogan

History of Monkstown LTC

Monkstown Lawn Tennis Club was founded in 1877, the first tennis club in Ireland, just ahead of Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club (started in November 1877). It used the grounds that had previously been used by the County Dublin (Monkstown) Archers, which had been started in 1846. In fact, the two clubs shared the grounds in at least the first year of the tennis club’s existance.

Although virtually all of the official records of the early years of the tennis club have been lost, it is known that at the beginning there were ten gentlemen and ten lady members. By 1894, Monkstown was one of 18 clubs affiliated to the Irish Lawn Tennis Association. The club seems to have had a small closely-knit membership, linked to the Establishment class. As an example, it was common on the occasion of ‘at homes’ to have a band of some regiment of the British Army to play for the occasion.

Most of the Minute Books from 1930 to-date have been retained and show a club that ran fairly smoothly and on a rather casual basis. A feature of this era was the daily serving of Afternoon Teas. Another feature was that the playing of tennis on Sundays was not permitted until 1941; even then play was permitted only until 7.00 pm. This practice lasted until about 1953.

However, over the course of the fifties, the membership numbers dwindled to a very low number. The income generated could not cover the running costs of the club and the courts and grounds dropped to a low standard. A General Meeting was called in 1958, with a proposal to close the club. At the end of a stormy meeting, the motion was defeated. Although some members left at the time, those that remained redoubled their efforts and the club was put back on a sound footing within a relatively short time.

A second crisis was encountered in November 1973, when the club house (built in 1910) was destroyed by fire. The club recovered, with hard work from the committees and a grant from Dun Laoghaire Corporation – a new clubhouse was built in two phases, being completed in 1977. The Clubhouse underwent further major redevelopment in the mid 1990’s, turning it into an attractive facility that gave significantly enhanced viewing areas.

In the early 1980’s a major step in the development of the club occurred when the grass courts started to be replaced, first by tarmacadem, and finally by Omnipro. Today the club boasts 6 courts with excellent artificial surfaces.

The Club is now as strong as it has ever been with a vibrant membership and looks forward confidently to the future.