2011 U12 Centenary Cup

On the first of September, Stephen asked me to play as a sub in the Centenary Cup in Carrickmines.  Early the next day I was playing for England. Lily played for one of the Spanish teams. We played a singles match and a doubles match so it took ages to play a team. England first played Barcelona (we won) and then the Czechs (we lost).  Next day, England played Ireland and lost.

The players ate lunch and dinner together each day. All the food was really nice but the chocolate meringue cake was delicious. It was nice to get to know the English girls. I think all the visitors enjoyed themselves. I definitely had a great time.

The tennis in the final between the Czechs and Ireland was really brilliant, nearly all of the girls’ matches went to a third set. The atmosphere was sensational. The Czechs came first and Ireland came second. England came third.

It was a great weekend of tennis for the players, the managers (Stephen was manager of the Ireland team) and the organisers (Denise Mason and Pat Crowe).