Club Rules


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 8:00pm (7:00pm in Winter)

Court Use

Weekdays 10:00am - 5:00pm: Senior and Junior members have equal playing rights.

Weekdays after 5:00pm: Senior members only.

Weekends and Bank Holidays: Priority is given to Senior members, then a Senior member with a Junior, then Juniors.

At busy times, we encourage singles players to double up. A guide for playing time is: Singles & Doubles: 1 hour


Maximum of 4 courts to be in use for coaching at any time during the day.

Maximum of 2 courts to be in use for coaching after 6:00pm.

Junior coaching to be finished by 7:00pm.

Court Etiquette

Do not go across or behind courts that are being played on.

Return balls to other courts but only when a rally has finished.

If your ball goes onto a court where others are playing, wait and ask for it to be returned.

Avoid too much noise when playing or watching.

Close gates when you enter or leave courts.

When driving in at night, please dip your car lights especially for players on courts 2 and 3.


The Green Fee is €5 per visitor. Please pay this to Judy O’Shea in the Club office.

If the Office is closed please put it in the Office letter box with a cover note.


There is limited parking at the Club and the space is narrow. Please leave enough space for cars to safely turn and get by and we would ask you to be mindful of our neighbours.


Each court has floodlights for playing in the dark. They are operated by a ticket card that can be purchased at Hewetts Newsagents, Carrickbrennan Rd; McCormacks Pub, Mounttown Rd; Goggins Pub, Monkstown; or from Judy O’Shea in the Office. Each ticket card costs €5 and lasts an hour. You insert the ticket card in a meter just inside the main clubhouse door.